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TO-TAKEAWAY is a company that is dedicated to creating a favorable environment for the use of food, Searching and connecting solutions that lead to change the methods and behaviors for the use, reduction, prevention, loss and waste of Food as this causes the most environmental problems.

More than half of household waste is food, so there is an urgent need to implement food waste prevention programs and help the environment. It is estimated that food represents around 55 percent of household waste. More than 90 million tons of food are wasted every year in Europe. At TO-TAKEAWAY we are committed to reducing these organic wastes. Food is lost or wasted throughout the supply chain, from initial agricultural production to final household consumption.

Food waste is generated in a wide variety of sectors. At TO-TAKEAWAY we value this commitment through proper planning by making available to users an efficient and easy-to-use platform, through which they can find the places where they can purchase from Best prices for surplus food from restaurants, hotels, kiosks, homes, dining rooms, supermarkets and catering companies and other types of stores that are in our area using our website or app.

Help us combat surplus food and thus help the environment. At TO-TAKEAWAY we look for solutions.!